The UChicago χ-Projects

The UChicago χ-Projects are a collection of programming assignments developed at the University of Chicago’s Department of Computer Science for majors-level CS undergraduate courses.

So far, these assignments have been used only internally at the University of Chicago, but we are in the process of migrating all our documentation to this new website, so some of the assignments are not yet ready for use outside the University of Chicago. If you are interested in using any of these assignments in any of your courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do you pronounce “chi”?

In our original LaTeX documentation, the project names were written with the greek letter χ instead of “chi”: χdb, χIRC, χTCP, and χstributed. This was intended as a terrible pun on the fact that the projects were also developed at the University of Chi-cago. However, the “chi” in the projects should be pronounced “kai” (like the greek letter χ), not “shi” as in “Chicago”.


The original author and primary developer of the χ-Projects is Borja Sotomayor, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Chicago.

A number of University of Chicago students (most of whom are now alums), staff, and faculty have also contributed to the UChicago χ-Projects over the years:

  • chiTCP

  • chirouter

    • Geoff Ramseyer (Class of 2017)

    • The reference solution of chirouter is based on code written by Geoff Ramseyer and Austin Byers (S.B.’16, S.M.’16)

  • chidb

    • Allen Nelson (A.B.’07, S.M.’13)

    • Adam Shaw, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

  • chistributed

  • chisubmit

    • Colin Hudler, Techstaff, Department of Computer Science


The University of Chicago’s Department of Computer Science has provided copious amounts of support for these projects, including funding for student developers.

Development of chiTCP and chirouter was partially funded by the University of Chicago’s Physical Sciences Collegiate Division.


If you have any questions about the UChicago χ-Projects, or you are interested in using any of these assignments in your courses, please contact Borja Sotomayor.